The grain is moderately textured and variable. Spotted gum timber comes in a variety of colours depending on the tree including, light to deep red in heartwood timbers, and white to light brown in sapwood timbers. As a seasoned timber, it’s used for internal and external flooring, cladding, parquetry, lining and joinery, and to make indoor and outdoor furniture. The leaves are oblong and the flowers are . Can I use Spotted Gum in fire prone areas? Its physical properties are well in excess of pines and most non Australian hardwoods. Sep 27, 2020 - Explore Sian Jaimi ♥⋆'s board "granny flat", followed by 171 people on Pinterest. Engineered Australian Timber Spotted Gum - Uncoated - T&G $95.70 m 2. Noticeable amounts of gum vein, surface checking, tight knots and black specks are acceptable within the SELECT grading rules. Known for its sheer beauty, strength, and durability, it’s the perfect addition inside one’s home or outdoor decking area. With the ability to stand well against various harsh environmental elements, you will create decking that will stand the test of time. Spotted Gum is an excellent choice for those that live in fire prone areas – as it is rated for use between BAL 12.5 to 29. We supply farmers' markets, cafes and restaurants. Spotted Gum Timber is an attractive timber. Spotted Gum is also used in the manufacture of veneer and plywood. Filters . Spotted gum is a fairly versatile wood, used regularly in several different industries: Construction and engineering ; Decking and cabinetry ; Paper manufacturing ; Shipbuilding ; House framing ; Higher Cost than other Hardwood Options . It has smooth bark that is shed in patches giving the trees their characteristic spotted appearance.. Due to its extreme hardness and high level of durability, Spotted Gum is also very well suited to many external uses such as decking, fencing, and other landscaping applications. Whilst many people love the look and feel of hardwood timber, they are often concerned that they can’t use it within their home as they live in a bush fire prone area. Spotted gum is an extremely popular choice of hardwood for use for decking. When this photo was taken in 2006 it over 47cm in diameter. The grade of timber that we use is referred to as SELECT, and is the highest quality available. We can assure you that our Spotted Gum is perfect for anyone who wants to do their bit for the planet as well as using an attractive and durable product. Workability. Spotted Gum KD F27 Class 1 timber is on the top of the list in terms of durability, great for beams or rafters for your pergola. Gum Tree Gum Tree Spiritual Meaning and Medicinal Uses. This means it can be used in areas where there is a threat of ember attack and burning debris without extensive damage occurring. Spotted Gum machines well due to its natural greasiness and there is no difficulty using the timber with standard fittings and fastenings. Spotted Gum has a long history of use for industrial purposes including mining timber, wharves, bridge construction and boat building. Spotted gum is also used in the manufacture of veneer and plywood. This premium species is dense making it a popular choice for timber portal frames, cladding, timber decking, retaining walls and landscaping projects. The Tree is a deciduous tree, it will be up to 45 m (148 ft) high. Spotted Gum machines well and can be used with standard fittings and fastenings. Common uses Heavy engineering construction, piles, poles, shipbuilding, agricultural machinery, flooring decking, plywood. Sustainably sourced Australian Spotted Gum.