An outstandingly homogenous and holistic sounding standmount speaker that does credit to its heritage and continues Dynaudio's story of success in this field. Though they look rather inconspicuous, the Evoke10 and 30 – the smaller of each type – have a lot more to offer than the first impression suggests. “Evoke 10 is a new highlight in Dynaudio’s continuously strong history of compact speakers.” “Concise and with body, no trace of the presence emphasis many compact speakers struggle with.” “On the contrary, Evoke 10 is sonorous, even slightly full-bodied, but superbly transparent.” “Authentic mids, smooth homogeneity. The Evoke 10, to be clear, isn’t a small speaker that’s trying to be anything more than what it is. A bi-wiring terminal would then provoke losses in sound-quality due to primitive bridges and/or connection errors. Dynaudio has come up with two new looks for the Dynaudio Special Forty: "Black Vine" and "Ebony Wave". The Evoke 10 represents the entry into their latest lineup, the Evoke series. The frequency response is very balanced on axis. $2,999.00. Condition is "Used". That strong V curve is not going to be for everybody. But the thing that I haven’t been a fan of in the past is the somewhat dry sound. This speaker does not have that, meaning vocal sound very natural, live on implicant very honest. And if you underestimate them because of their simple appearance, the surprise effect will convey their qualities even more clearly. Before we took a closer look at the technical features, we wanted to gather some first sound impressions. It’s very versatile, very matter-of-fact, yet it’s like there’s no character to the sound. Unarguably endowed by one of the leading state-of-the art development facilities. It scales very well. Price: ca. Yet, at the same time, they’re transparent. The overall "outstanding" test results make a strong case for our Evoke series. Below 30 degrees the treble frequencies drop, therefore the speaker should be angled towards the listening position. Yes, aside from its homogeneous, delicately accentuated midrange and its clear, unobtrusive, gentle trebles, the Dynaudio retains its airy, broad and transparent style right down to the lowest registers, resulting in a highly pleasant, non-technical and mature performance as a whole. Plug them in, turn them up, and then get a friend round. Of course, you can also get a somewhat bright sound out of these speakers. You can walk around a room. In fact, probably just insiders will realize that the Evokes are a new Dynaudio line. This product is sold through many dealers, especially in North America, that offer up to sixty-day money-back guarantee trial periods. Here’s a brief history of the brand. To be honest, I would not have believed that the Danes could still surprise me after all these years. It will arrive in other markets in April. And then turn it up a bit more. It isn’t the exact same tweeter, of course, but the most important design element is the same, which is that the 28mm fabric dome sits just on top of a hidden ‘inner dome’ in a geometry that Dynaudio calls a ‘Hexis’—and if you look carefully at the fabric dome, you can just see the dimpled surface of the sub-dome underneath. They also have some excitement about the presentation. How does the Evoke 10 sound in a desktop environment? Now, of course, we know that Dynaudio has been famous for outstanding compact speakers since the times of the blessed Contour 1.3 and all its relatives. Let’s talk about something a little less obvious that I didn’t cover already. They tend to sound good with a wide variety of components, mostly solid-state. True to the goal, it does a great job of getting out of the way of itself. I would say those solid-state amplifiers of 60 to 80 watts per channel or more where you’re going to want to be because these speakers do like power. I honestly appreciate this approach, because in this price range 95 percent of listeners – if not more – operate their loudspeakers with just one cable anyway. Though before I was convinced that the Evoke10 would be this duo's winner – a David with a lion's heart so to speak – I'm not so sure anymore now. The Evoke 10 represents the entry into their latest lineup, the Evoke series. I like that because it gives the sound some solidarity but doesn’t expect this little speaker to sound way more significant than it is in low-end output. The Reference series has always been KEF's most high-end products, although there are also Muon and Blade series. However, instead of noise, the brand relies on intelligence and depth of development. Never before has there been a Dynaudio quite like this. You can hear every detail in the music performance. Uh, what is happening? "Concise and with body, no trace of the presence emphasis many compact speakers struggle with." It consists of two floorstanding and two compact models as well as a center, with which the designers have succeeded to set pleasing visual accents by using the most economical means such as the screwless mounting plates of the tweeter, gently curved cover rings around the mid-bass drivers or a narrow, slightly slimmer at the rear cabinet. The new Evoke family will be on-sale in Europe in February 2019. The speakers themselves feel very substantial and well put together. Images × Re: Dynaudio Evoke 10. PAYMENT: Pay Pal with CLEARED FUNDS within two days of purchase. You can feel that “someone” versus “something” made these. They’re not like Focal, KEF, Klipsch, or JBL. You can tell that here’s a tweeter and here’s a Woofer. But that’s not the case with the Evoke 10. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. "On the contrary, Evoke 10 is sonorous, even slightly full-bodied, but superbly transparent." According to the Alex Newman, one of the acoustic designers responsible for the E… Come and hear for yourself what difference 40 years of R&D can do. Here’s the bottom line, Dynaudio has always had one significant strength, and that is their versatility. Dwudrożny układ głośnikowy zdolny jest osiągać skuteczność na poziomie 84dB przy impedancji znamionowej o wartości 6Ω, co należy uznać za średni wynik i wyraźny sygnał, że te niewielkie monitory najlepiej zabrzmią w towarzystwie wzmacniaczy dysponującyc… With astonishingly solid base note and foundation, the Dane projected Maria Pihl's powerful timbres in "Malvina" unwavering and expansive into our room. SHIPPING: Will be well packed for shipping in its original packaging. Dynaudio Evoke 10 - Walnut Wood. The Evoke 10 features a new version of Dynaudio's renowned soft-dome tweeter, called Cerotar. Let’s go ahead and get evident out of the way. There are going to be other options out there. Anyone who experiences the fragrant fine detailing of the Evokes in front of a pitch black, undisturbed background will gladly believe it. Another thing I like about the treble beyond just the usual audiophile stuff is spatial separation. $1,299.98. Inherently there’s slightly smooth sounding but are capable of delivering a little bit of lively top-end. Product literature is easy to locate right beneath the top flaps making it easy to get started. In other words, they’re balanced like all things should be. Plug them in, turn them up, and then get a friend round. Dynaudio's engineers also borrowed technologies from the tweeter in the company's cost-no-object Confidence series. Subscribe to our newsletter and don't miss a new issue anymore! But still, they’re going to be for somebody who wants a balanced, right tone, something that’s expressive yet easy to listen to. Det har udmyntet sig i en helt fantastisk højttalerserie hvor man får uhørt meget lyd for pengene. It sounds good with a lot of stuff. And for audiophile listening – the preferred domain of two-way compact speakers – the Evoke10 is all the more suitable. There are richness and balance there. If you want that big explosive sound, they’re not going to be for you. IT may arguably be easier to build a cost-no-object speaker than a mid-range model. Founded in 1977, based in Denmark, the firm has been on a steady roll.